Eyelet Stripe Scrunchie - Free Knitting Pattern

The Eyelet Stripe Scrunchie was inspired by one of my testers! Pattern Testers are the most amazing and wonderful knitters on the planet. What are pattern testers? They are knitters who offer to knit a new design and check for errors in a designer’s math, grammar and more! They benefit from an exclusive first look at a pattern before it is released. Pattern Testers are truly some of the most creative and helpful knitters that I have had the pleasure to work with. They also come up with great ideas, too!

This scrunchie design was made by one of my pattern testers, who wanted to use up her scrap yarn to make a scrunchie to match her Eyelet Stripe Hoodie (one of my other patterns). It came out beautiful and I wanted to share the love that she poured into her hoodie and into this scrunchie idea!

This scrunchie is knitted in the round in the same pattern repetition as the Eyelet Stripe Hoodie. Knit this up after finishing your hoodie or use scraps from another project! It’s a fun, and quick knit for all levels of experience!

This blog post only includes instructions for the Standard Size Scrunchie.

To have a clean, printable PDF and have access to all 3 scrunchie size instructions, you can purchase this scrunchie pattern here: https://marymadethat.com/products/eyelet-stripe-scrunchie 

Note: The model shown in the photo is wearing the size Large scrunchie.

DIFFICULTY: Advanced Beginner
You will need to know how to cast on, knit, purl, and knit a folded hem bind off.

* Size US 5/3.75mm double pointed or 9” circular needles
* 1 standard hair tie
* Darning needle
* Scissors
* Yarn: 60 yards of worsted weight size 4 yarn or 1 skein of Comfy Worsted yarn (I used color "Planetarium") from KnitPicks.com. Please note that yardage is estimated and may vary depending on the yarn used per the project, gauge verifications and/or other modifications that you may make.

21 sts x 28 rows = 4” / 10cm square in stockinette stitch.
Suggested needle is US 5 3.75mm, but you should use needle required to match gauge.
Feel free to use the same needles and yarn as the project you are matching this to.



CO 76 sts using the long tail cast on method. Join in round, being careful not to twist the work.
Row 1: K
Row 2: K
Row 3: K2,* K2tog, YO, K2* rep to end.
Row 4: K
Row 5: K
Row 6: K
Row 7: *K2tog, YO, K2* rep to last 2 sts,
K2tog, YO.
Row 8: K
Rep Rows 1-8 1 more times for a total of 16 rows.
Row 1: K
Row 2: P
Row 1: K
Rep Row 1 15 more times for a total of 16 rows.

Fold your work up and insert your hair tie inside the fold so that it falls inside on the wrong side, with right sides facing out. To close your scrunchie, you will now perform a folded hem while binding off at the same time.

Insert your right needle in your first stitch as if to knit, then pick up the corresponding stitch from your cast on edge. Then, knit the two stitches together. Repeat for second stitch. Next, insert your left needle into the first K2tog stitch you knit on your right needle. This will be the stitch in the back. Now, lift the first stitch over the second stitch and drop it off the needle. Now you have 1 st. You will repeat these steps until all stitches have been knit and only one stitch remains. Finally, with the last stitch on your needle, cut your yarn.

Weave in ends using a darning needle. Block your work and let dry flat.
Now your Eyelet Stripe Scrunchie is ready to wear!

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For pattern support or questions, please feel free to reach out to me at marymadethat@gmail.com or DM me @marymadethat on Instagram!

If you create your own Eyelet Stripe Scrunchie, please share the love online by using the hashtag #eyeletstripescrunchie and tagging @marymadethat in your posts! I can’t wait to see and share your progress photos and finished products!

This original pattern is a copyright of Mary Gannon of marymadethat.com. This copy of the Eyelet Stripe Scrunchie is for personal use only. All items made from this pattern may not be sold.

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